Dirt is a block from Minecraft Vanilla, that is very common in standardly generated Minecraft worlds.

For more information about Dirt, see the official Minecraft Wiki article.


Composting Edit

Dirt can be obtained by composting items in any barrel (see Barrel).

Usage Edit

Sieving Edit

Dirt can be sieved to obtain one of the following items:

Item Frequency [1]
Seeds 7%
Pumpkin Seeds 3%
Sugar Cane Seeds 3%
Spruce Seeds 1%
Acorn 2%
Birch Seed 1%
Stones 100%, 100%, 50%, 50%, 33%, 33%
Potato Seeds 2%
Carrot Seeds 2%
Acacia Seeds 1%
Grass Seeds 7%
Melon Seeds 3%
  1. If more than one percentage value is listed, then this item can be obtained multiple times where each number indicates the frequency of obtaining one more.

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