Crafting dolls with porcelain and gems.

Are you lonely running around on your skyblock? Not anymore with the craftable dolls! Dolls are not placeable objects, but rather important ingredients in making other rare vanilla minecraft items.

Recipes Using DollsEdit

  • Blaze Rod: Right clicking on a stone barrel filled with Lava while holding an Angry Doll will produce a Blaze. (WARNING : It might blow up...)
  • Ender Pearl: Right clicking on a barrel filled with Witch Water while holding a Creepy Doll will produce an Enderman.

With 5 porcelain and a gem (emerald or diamond) you can make a doll to keep you company in the sky. Do you think the doll looks a bit cold? Don't worry, you can make it warm with some redstone, a netherwart, blaze powder and glowstone. It will result in a glowing orange Angry Doll.

Not cold enough? You can also use Inksacs, Redstone, Lapis and a Netherwart to make a Creepy Doll.