When you are playing SkyFactory you are left on a piece of dirt in the sky. Where do you begin?

  1. First thing's first, this is Minecraft! How do you always start?  Punch a tree!
  2. Make sure you do not lose your precious resources. Gather saplings and replant the tree.  If you find a silkworm, great. Keep it.
  3. Now you have some wood. Make a pickaxe and a cobblestone generator while you wait for your tree to grow.
  4. Make a barrel, to get more water and dirt.  Your spare saplings or other organic material can be placed in a barrel to create dirt, and when it rains, water will be stored in the barrel. You can make an infinite source of water once you have 2 water blocks.
  5. Dirt is very important, so don't go digging it all up and losing it over the sides.  Use the cobblestones to make your platform bigger until you have more dirt. Remember, if you want to use redstone later, a 1 block platform will make it hard for you to dig up and rebuild underneath.  Think before you build; it could save you a lot of trouble.  Cobblestone can also be broken with a hammer to make gravel. Gravel, when crushed with a hammer, makes sand and sand, when crushed, creates dust. Dust makes clay when put in a barrel of water.

So now you have some building materials. What next?

6. Silkworms. You can cook and eat them, or just compost them, but first you want to make string with them.   When you have a good supply of saplings, wait for a tree to grow and put a silkworm on the leaves.  The leaves will gradually turn white, and the whole tree will eventually have white leaves, as will any other trees with leaves touching. At this stage you're ready to gather the string. Do so by hitting the leaves with a crook or your fist.  White leaves do not drop saplings, hence the need to have spares before you infest the tree.

7. Now you have string!  String is used for fishing rods, wool, compost, and silk mesh. At last, you have the items to make a sieve.

8. The sieve is the first tool you have to sift through gravel, sand, and dust to collect your ores, and dirt to get your seeds and different trees.


Wooden Sieve

  9. Now that you have a sieve, you can do many more things. Whether it be automating your tree farm or building a fancy house, it's all up to you!