Witch water

Witch Water is made by putting a barrel on top of or adjacent to a block of Mycelium and filling it with water. Edit

Applications Edit


  • Witch Water can be exploited in the Nether as it behaves like water without evaporating,

Notable conflict with another mod: B0bGary's Obsidian Tools [1]

  • When smelting Obsidian chunks in a furnace, the end result will be source blocks of Witch Water instead of Obsidian ingots. This conflict currently exists as of the V1.28 of Ex Nihilo. This is because the Witch Water block's ID is the same as the Obsidian Ingot's. The ID can be changed in the config.


  • You can make infinite Buildcraft energy by making a Wither Skeleton farm and utilizing the coal they drop.
  • Witch Water, and the soul sand you get by combining it with sand, is the easiest method of making a nether wart farm, as the nether wart will occasionally drop from a sieved soul sand
  • You can create Ghasts with more ease by putting a waterfall next to a pool of Witch Water so that squids that spawn fall into it.

You can create Rose Bushes by placing a Poppy in Witch Water.

You can create Sunflowers by placing a Dandelion in Witch Water

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